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Myopia Control in Castle Rock

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Correcting & Controlling Myopia

If left untreated, myopia can increase the risk of eye disease. But early diagnosis and treatment can help protect a patient’s eye health and vision. If your child has myopia, we can help care for their vision. 

Visit Elevation Vision, and we can help diagnose, correct, and control myopia.

The Importance of Myopia Control

Approximately 25% of Americans have myopia, a common refractive error where far away objects look blurry and nearby objects appear clearly. Someone with myopia has differently shaped eyes where their cornea is too steep or their eyes are too long. 

The shape of the eye causes light to focus in front of the retina instead of on the retina. The way myopic eyes focus light leads to blurry vision. 

Besides eye shape, other factors can contribute to myopia development, including: 

While myopia tends to stabilize in adulthood, this condition can worsen as children grow up. Myopia control is important because this condition can progress with time, placing your child’s vision and eye health at risk.

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Protecting Your Child’s Vision

Myopia can seem insignificant, but this condition can progress in children, placing their vision and eye health at risk later in life. We can correct and control myopia, protecting your child’s vision. Book an appointment at Elevation Vision, and we can help treat your child’s myopia.

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