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Ready to Give Contact Lenses a Try?

Contact lenses can provide clear, natural vision. You don’t need to worry about fogged or wet lenses when spending time outside in the cold or rain. We can help you find the right lenses if you’re interested in contacts.

We’re thorough when recommending contact lenses—we examine your eyes and learn more about your vision needs. Visit us at Elevation Vision, and we can recommend contact lenses you’ll love.

Finding & Fitting Your Contacts

During your appointment, we’ll discuss your vision needs, lifestyle, medical history, and previous experience with contact lenses, if you have any. Learning about these aspects of your eye health and vision can help us better recommend contact lenses. 

We’ll examine your eyes using diagnostic technology to assess if contact lenses are a good fit for your eyes. While specialty contact lenses can help almost anyone wear contact lenses, some patients still struggle. Our team will use technology like corneal topography to measure and map your eye’s surface. 

After reviewing your test results, we’ll recommend contact lenses that meet your vision needs. Our goal is to provide you with clear and comfortable vision, and we’ll work with you until you’re satisfied with your lenses.

Our Contact Lens Philosophy

There are many options when choosing your contact lenses. The best option for you is the one that feels the most comfortable and manageable. 

At Elevation Vision, we recommend daily disposable contact lenses.

Daily disposable contact lenses are single-use which means you don’t have to worry about storing them in a proper, sanitized container. These lenses help prevent infection and damage caused by improper contact lens care and handling. 

Ask us about our daily disposable contact lens options today!

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